Qinetiq North America

Who We Are

ZETA Electronic Design is complete, comprehensive electronics development. Clients need only supply a functional specification.

From initial hardware/ software system design, to final unit build and test, ZETA has the resources, experience, and processes in place to assure swift, accurate realization.

ZETA is much more than just an electronics consulting house. Entire product lifespan is handled: design, development, manufacturing and verification- including component purchasing and inventory warehousing.

ZETAís goal is to assume the burden of product development so her clients can focus their efforts on promotion. Our flexible business models meet the customerís business needs through customized pricing structures in line with the budget guideline for any given project and ensure high quality on time delivery. We strongly believe that in today's rapidly evolving technology environment, partnerships are the key to success. Along with a proven design and development processes in place, we have developed a strong and reliable network of Strategic Alliance Partnerships to address the specific needs of our clients from varied industry segments. Our proven processes and solutions deliver high quality and profitability through dedicated "Centers of Excellence".



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