Qinetiq North America

Qinetiq North America Talon Robot

TALON is a powerful, lightweight, versatile robot designed for missions ranging from reconnaissance to weapons delivery. Its large, quick-release cargo bay accommodates a variety of sensor payloads, making TALON a one-robot solution to a variety of mission requirements.

Built with all-weather, day/night and amphibious capabilities standard, TALON can operate under the most adverse conditions to overcome almost any terrain. The portable robot is controlled through either a two-way RF or F/O line from a portable or wearable Operator Control Unit (OCU) that provides continous data and video feedback for precise vehicle positioning.

TALON's payload and sensor options include: multiiple cameras (color, back and white, infrared, thermal, zero-light), a two-stage arm, gripper manipulators, pan/tilt, two-way communications, NBA (nuclear,biological,chemical) sensors, radiation sensors, UXO/countermine detector sensors, grenate and smoke placing modules, breaching tools, communications equipment, distracters and disrupters.




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