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ZETA specializes in design & development of electronic systems, firmware and software for customer specific applications from concept to prototype. The services offered by this division can be delivered through On-Site development Models. The processes are in strict adherence to quality Standards, enabling customers to reap the benefits of optimal design and superior performance of products with a significant cost advantage. Products usually range from simple controllers to complex multi-processor based control systems.


  • Analog / Digital signal processing
  • RF, Bluetooth, Zigbee and WiFi
  • USB, Ethernet, CANbus, and other hardwired communication
  • Power supply design and Power electronics
  • Optimization of existing circuitry/designs


The Embedded design services team at ZETA has the expertise to design and develop products from concept, with in-house capabilities in Analog, Digital and Mixed Signal circuit design, Power Supply design, Firmware development, PCB design, generation of Engineering Drawings, Technical Publications, Prototype Assembly, and Testing.

Customer inputs in the form of a statement of work are converted to the following final Package of Standards:
  • Hardware Design Document
  • Software Design Document
  • Schematics and PCB files / Gerber Files for the PCB
  • Software Listing (fully commented)
  • Flow Charts
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Fully working prototypes of the product developed
  • Specially fabricated Test Jigs (optional)
  • Product Documentation
  • Pilot production


The combination of our technology skills and expertise in firmware development across various platforms has helped our customers to develop necessary firmware for porting on to their hardware. The core competencies of the team comprises of:

  • Firmware development on 8 bit, 16 bit and 32 bit RISC and CISC architecture based micro controllers, DSPs and ARM
  • Design of communication protocols.
  • Enhancement of existing applications
  • Support for various target processors
  • Migration between different OSs
  • Optimization of applications
  • Performance tuning
  • Device Drivers and interfaces for Modbus, CAN BUS, TCP/IP and USB.


We believe it is important that all embedded products be supported by configuration software that runs on a PC to configure a product to the customer's requirements based on the final application. Therefore, in our efforts to provide complete solutions to our customers we also offer Software Development Services as to Embedded Systems.

The software services we offer are:
  • Develop device drivers for multi-function peripherals
  • Application software development in C#/.NET
  • Application design on Windows platforms
  • Cross Platform application designs
  • Design of System Configurators for embedded application boards
  • Porting of Legacy applications to latest software
  • Database Management
  • Test bench development


No Embedded design house is complete until it has its own in-house PCB design capabilities. The PCB design team at ZETA is well trained in international standards and has an expertise to design high quality layouts.

PCB Design Capabilities:
  • Multi-layer Board layouts (up to 12 layers)
  • Analog, Digital and Mixed Signal boards
  • Leaded components (legacy), SMT and BGA
The package of deliverables to the customer comprises of:
  • Schematic Files
  • Component Placement
  • PCB files
  • Gerber Files
  • DXF files & Panel Wiring Assembly Drawings
PCB Drafting Tools:
  • Altium
  • Autocad LT 2019
PCB Design - Process:

The PCB design is a project in which the client will supply Schematic diagrams and PCB Design Guidelines. We shall create the component foot print library and place the Components according to the given design guidelines and complete the routing. After routing has been done we shall generate the required Gerber files that will be used for Manufacturing. The client will specify the output files that are to be supplied.


We undertake verification and validation services to help system developers reduce their risk of errors while making critical decisions. The likelihood of failures and the consequences of failures can be minimized by performing V&V. We help our customers by detecting risks and deficiencies in their product designs at an early stage resulting in cost savings and accurate designs.

We also conduct Software Requirement Specification document reviews, Design document reviews, Code walkthroughs and Test Case document reviews. We can also conduct physical testing on the products to meet the specifications and generate Test Reports. The model can be on-site or offshore.

The team has expertise to verify the code written in Assembly and C languages and can verify the execution of the code on target boards using the relevant compilers and IDE.


We undertake conversion of old or obsolete product designs to enhanced / state-of-art designs (16/32 bit MPUs or MCUs) with value addition. We work seamlessly to provide the right solutions through the synergy of our engineering and IT expertise in:

  • Porting of Firmware from low-end processors to advanced microprocessors.
  • Redesign existing products with latest processors enhancing the life of the products.
  • Conversion of legacy applications to state-of-the-art technology.
  • Designing to comply with agency requirements, if any.
  • Providing complete set of test results, engineering drawings and documentation
  • Enabling a fast turn around time for production.
  • Complete support during pilot production.
  • Providing a cost effective solution resulting a lower BOM.


  • Design Review.
  • Digital Design.
  • Analog Design.
  • Layout Design.
  • Manufacturing, Assembly and prototyping.
  • Porting and migration.


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